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Updated May 3, 2021

Streamline and maximize your Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness and Employee Retention Credit (ERC) opportunities in a single portal.

Almost nothing about the PPP or ERC is simple. Determining eligibility, calculating your specific qualified headcount and wages to use in each program, complying with forgiveness submission requirements specific to your unique payroll situation all take a large amount of time and a deep understanding of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA). And now that eligible employers can utilize both to keep their organizations moving forward and employees paid, it becomes even more complex to understand what can and cannot be claimed for each of 2020 and 2021.

Before accessing our portal to calculate your ERC, have you assessed your eligibility in order to take advantage of the credit? If not, we can help. Connect with us.

Let us help you assemble and apply for PPP loan forgiveness, file your ERC or both with our proprietary relief portal designed to maximize the benefits from each program and allow you to continue focusing on running your organization.

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Why use our online portal to assemble and apply?

  • Seamless online portal from initial sign-up to final extract of filing information which can then be submitted to the lender for PPP forgiveness and your payroll provider for ERC
  • A systematic process to take both PPP and ERC eligible expenses and solve for which expenses and specific employee wages should go to either program to maximize your benefits
  • Efficient assembly of raw expense data into 16 possible outcomes, based on allowed elections, to maximize loan forgiveness and ERC utilization of the eligible costs accumulated to date
  • Ability to project when loan forgiveness will be achieved and how much ERC can be filed for
  • Visualize the effect of future staffing on the final total forgiveness levels
  • Upon selection of final elections, receive the calculated values needed to populate the supporting fields within the SBA forgiveness application for submission
  • Portal allows for the ability to invite multiple project collaborators into your PPP or ERC application process (CFO, payroll administrator, etc.) to keep all file share in one place and eliminate multiple email attachments. Upon completion of the PPP & ERC applications, all files used within can be extracted and emailed with one click for future reference.

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How to get started

  1. Sign up directly in the Baker Tilly relief portal for both PPP & ERC (use Google Chrome browser only) or email with your contact info to receive a scope of work (SOW) to begin
    • SOW is sent via email in DocuSign for digital signature
    • Both SOWs have a flat fee schedule:
      • PPP: 1 loan: $3,000 | 2-6 loans: $2,500 per entity | 7+ loans: $2,000 per entity
      • ERC: Fixed fee per headcount available upon request
  2. Kick-off call is set up with the processing team after SOW is signed
  3. Your payroll and supporting expense data is received via online portal
  4. We work through the data and give you easy to use deliverables for both PPP and ERC

For PPP forgiveness:

  • Payroll data is calculated into 16 outcomes to determine the timing of loan forgiveness and if any non-payroll expense is required
    • Outcomes affect when and how clients apply and bring people back on payroll
    • Outcomes defined:
      • 2 periods: standard | alternative
      • 2 options for # of weeks: 24-week | X-week
      • 2 FTE comparison periods: 2020 | 2019
      • 2 FTE elections: simplified | standard
  • Line level information is provided so you can populate the final SBA application
  • Downloadable support files are available from the portal to send to your lender

For ERC calculations:

  • Payroll data is calculated on a per quarter basis to determine your ERC filing amount
  • A more detailed scheduled is generated showing the credit to be claimed by each employee and per pay period

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Baker Tilly is committed to helping you and your organization by providing you with the latest information and answers to questions related to the PPP and ERC.

Learn more by visiting our PPP Solutions and ERC Solutions pages for the latest information and other resources.

For more information on these tools or to learn how Baker Tilly specialists can help, reach out to your Baker Tilly professional or contact our team.

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