Business intelligence for the future of manufacturing

Identify the true profitability of products or segments, gain a clear vision of the impact of material price changes, optimize production schedules with by-the-hour throughput monitoring, and more. Together, we help your organization combine performance metrics in a custom dashboard that reveals opportunities.


How can a custom analytics dashboard transform your business?

Manufacturing and distribution are industries of continuous motion, and within each moment is the potential for efficiency, cost savings and growth. But finding those opportunities can be a challenge for many organizations.

Working together with your team, and using your existing data sources, we will customize interactive analytics dashboards that allow you to view your data in a way useful to run your business. Giving you more insight at a granular level and in real time so that you can proactively respond to opportunities and challenges.

Our goal is the deployment of flexible production resources to help you achieve the best bottom-line results by offering you an outsourced approach to your analytics program where we will build, customize, manage and maintain your reports until the time is right for you to bring this in-house and transition it to an internal team.

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From data input, to answer questions at a glance.

Our customized dashboards and analytics give you insightful views into your business trends and performance, allowing you to ask more strategic questions and ultimately focus on solutions and opportunities for your business.

Sales questions

  • Which customers and products have the highest contribution margin?
  • How well am I maintaining each required product SKU for my customers?
  • Which geographies can I best serve my customers from my current locations?
  • What does the buying habits of my customer do to profitability?

Operational questions

  • What does it cost to make each product by SKU?
  • Which shift is causing material variances?
  • Is a customer causing unique demands on production?
  • What is the priority of production to achieve required inventory levels?

Financial questions

  • How am I performing against optimal?
  • What is my contribution margin by customer or product?
  • What is the effect of material cost change to each product?
  • Which customers are causing a strain on payment and collection?

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